We all know that each single Muslim have been waiting around for the arrival of the Month of Ramadan. But now they don't have to wait around any longer because finally the time has all arrived. Ramadan is all here!

In all the Muslims countries Muslims welcome this blessed month of Ramadan with great zeal and zest. This is the month through which you are blessed with the precious chance to get closer to you ALLAH and make the relation strong with him. Hence this month is describes to be a link between a human being and ALLAH.

When is the Start of Ramadan

When Is Ramadan Month Starting?

In Saudi Arabia the holy month of Ramadan will be starting from 5th May 2019. This month will hence come to an end on 4th June 2019. In the place of UAE this month will be starting from the 5th May 2019. In all the Muslim countries they have their own concepts of sighting the moon and following their Hijri calendars. We Saudi Arabia are following with the Islamic calendar (Hijri Calendar) and rest of the countries are following the Lunar Calendar. So difference is all evident!

Know How About Month of Ramadan:

In this Ramadan month all the Muslims are required to keep them away from the items of food and drink from the dawn till the sunset. During this time period they should put themselves in praying the God and reading the Holy Quran. They should keep themselves away from all the evil actions and habits including smoking, drinking, bribery, sexual relations and much more.  But this month is not about keeping yourself away from the food and drinks. But it is all about the method of purifying the soul and heart by getting it closer to God.

This time Ramadan will be arriving in the extra summer heat season. So this will going to be another test of the Muslims that for how long time they will be able to control themselves. And whether they will be able to keep the fasts of the whole month or not!

Time Duration of Different Countries in Ramadan Month:

The time duration of keeping the fast is different in all the countries. For example if you are residing in UK then you will view that you have to keep the fast that is off about 16.5 hours from 4:42am to 9:21pm. Mentioning with the place of Tokyo the sunrise will be around 4:25am and hence the sunset will be at 7pm. Further we have the places of Reykjavik, Iceland where you are required to keep the fast of about 24 hours of daylight.

Now we are sure that you would have been looking around for the time table schedule of Sehri and Iftar for your easiness. But you don't have to look around here and there because right through this webpage we will going to provide our readers with the schedule of the Ramadan month. Plus you can even visit this webpage to grab up with some Ramadan wallpapers and pictures for sharing it with your friends on the social media.