Makkah is undoubtedly that one city that can take any Muslim man or woman's breath away. The kind of history and culture associated with this city actually takes you back to the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. Prayers are given extreme importance in this holy city which is why Makkah prayer times 2019 (اوقات الصلاة في مكة المكرمة ٢٠١٩) are something which is very strictly followed over there. Prayer is one of the basic orders from Allah that is advised to us and not just praying or worshipping Allah is the main goal, but the main idea is to make sure that you pray or offer all five of your prayers on time. This is mainly why so much emphasis is drawn upon prayer times Makkah.

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Makkah prayer times (اوقات الصلاة في مكة) are very much followed with ease as this city is a very holy place all in all. People are always performing umrah, visiting the holy Kaaba, the important mosques, and other holy places too. Therefore, there is hardly a chance that you would be missing out on any of the prayers or would not be able to pray on time. The imam Kaaba gives the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran and also, the Azaan is also his duty. The beautiful voice reaches your ears in Makkah no matter where you are. Usually, all those who are not local, tend to seek hotels near the holy Kaaba so that they can hear and see what is going on over there. Also, many people save their energy and try not to walk a lot as they try to invest their energies on the religious rituals themselves and no other activities.

Mecca prayer times (اوقات الصلاة في مكة) are associated with the five congregational prayers that take place inside the haram and not just that but some people also offer Nawafil and Tahajjud in the area too. All these prayers have designated timings and this is something that should be strictly followed. These religious rules in Islam are not something which is confined to just one city because it is Holy but these religious or Islamic rules are applicable everywhere and have to be implemented no matter what. It is every Muslim man and woman's moral and religious obligations to do so.

If you are in Makkah you can even create your own schedule for your stay there and link it to the Makkah prayer times so that you can allocate each religious ritual a designated amount of time and make the most of your stay there. Even if you are a local and performing Umrah or Hajj, your time is very much calculated to make sure that you keep the Makkah prayer time in mind. Praying is what makes me get closer to Allah and there is no substitute for it so make sure that you offer all five prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha) on time so that all your worldly wishes can come true but not just that but you can also secure a place in Jannah in the hereafter.

Numbers of Rakats in Five Daily Prayers (Salat, Salah) and Jummah

Prayer (صلاة) Rakat Total
Fajr 2 Sunnah + 2 Fard 4
Dhuhr 4 Sunnah + 4 Fard + 2 Sunnah + 2 Nafl 12
Asr 4 Sunnah + 4 Fard 8
Maghrib 3 Fard + 2 Sunnah + 2 Nafl 7
Isha 4 Sunnah + 4 Fard + 2 Sunnah + 2 Nafl +3 Witr + 2 Nafl 17
Jummah 4 Sunnah + 2 Fard + 4 Sunnah + 2 Sunnah + 2 Nfl 14
  1. Fajr prayer (صلاة الفجر): Before sunrise according to Mecca prayer times (اوقات الصلاة في مكة).
  2. Dhuhr prayer (صلاة الظهر): In the afternoon.
  3. Asr prayer (صلاة العصر): Following Dhuhur, in the evening.
  4. Maghrib prayer (صلاة المغرب): Before sunset, according to Islamic prayer timing in Makkah (اوقات الصلاة في مكة المكرمة)
  5. Isha prayer (صلاة العشاء): After sunset, at night.

Islamic Prayer Timing Calculation

Standard Time Zone: UTC+03:00 hours
Country: Saudi Arabia
Geographic Coordinates Of Makkah
Latitude: 21.3891° N
Longitude: 39.8579° E

Makkah Prayer Times 2019 (اوقات الصلاة في مكة المكرمة ٢٠١٩)

makkah prayer times

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Time Format:

Asr Methods

Standard: Shafii, Maliki, Jafari and Hanbali (shadow factor = 1)

Hanafi:Hanfi school of tought (shadow factor = 2)

Makkah, Saudi Arabia Qibla Direction

Qibla direction of Makkah, Saudi Arabia is 182.18 degrees from North clockwise.