Ramadan is a time when Muslims feel utmost blessings coming their way. This holy month of Ramadan brings with itself festivities and above all, make us realize how important it is for us to submit completely to Allah. A question for all those who live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh must be popping in your mind that is "when is Ramadan 2019 in Riyadh" because it is after knowing the dates that one makes the entire plan and schedule for spending Ramadan and making the most out of this blessed and holy month. The dates are crucial for everyone following and practicing the religion of Islam because it is because of these dates that you are able to make a good religious routine for the month of Ramadan.

"When is Ramadan 2019 in Riyadh" is one of the fundamental questions that will start flashing on all the residents' of Riyadh mind as soon as the year 2019 begins. People practicing Islam have certain major events and festival that need to be kept in mind. These are of course religious in nature, for example, the two Eid's namely Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the fasting month of Ramadan, Muharram ul Haram, and quite a few others. The reason for all this is that you alter your life and other everyday activities for the purpose of making the most out of these religiously important days, months and festivals. It is extremely important that one knows how to respect them in order to gain happiness here and in the life afterward.

To answer "When is Ramadan 2019 in Riyadh", we can give a tentative date as it is still a bit early to give a specific date. The reason for this is that all dates and times in Islam depend upon the lunar sighting. Nothing is ever started without the moon being sighted first for the beginning of a new Islamic month. The tentative date, however, for Ramadan Kareem 2019 in Riyadh is 5th May 2019. It will be ending on the 4th of June 2019 as per the current Islamic calendar and speculations. The duration of the fasting month will also depend on this as sometimes Muslims get to fast for 29 days and sometimes for 30 days. The reason for this is again the lunar sighting as the fasting goes on for a month and till the time the Shawal moon is not sighted, the Muslims are supposed to continue fasting.

It is good that the "when is Ramadan 2019 in Riyadh" query is settled way before time so that even if the dates alter by a day or something, one is able to still make amendments to other plans. Sometimes, people host iftar and suhoor parties at their homes in the beginning or the first 10 days of Ramadan so, for them, it becomes extremely important to know the days and dates accordingly. Try to get a Ramadan Calendar as soon as the finalized dates are settled as that really helps in planning and spending the month of Ramadan.

When is Ramadan 2019 in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar:

When is Ramadan 2019 to 2029 in Riyadh

Year Date Day Holiday
2019 5 May Sunday Beginning of Ramadan
2020 23 April Thursday Beginning of Ramadan
2021 12 April Monday Beginning of Ramadan
2022 1 April Friday Beginning of Ramadan
2023 22 March Wednesday Beginning of Ramadan
2024 10 March Sunday Beginning of Ramadan
2025 28 February Friday Beginning of Ramadan
2026 17 February Tuesday Beginning of Ramadan
2027 7 February Sunday Beginning of Ramadan
2028 27 January Thursday Beginning of Ramadan
2029 15 January Monday Beginning of Ramadan